Università di Pavia Professore Ordinario di Statistica

Professor of Statistics and of Financial Data Science. Supervisor of about 180 Master's students and of 21 Phd students, currently working as academic researchers or data scientists, in the financial sector and in IT/consulting companies. Author of 200+ scientific publications among which top 10% Journals such as: Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B, Journal of Business and Economics Statistics, Expert systems with applications, Neurocomputing, Journal of Financial Stability, Journal of banking and finance, Finance research letters. Coordinator of 12 funded scientific projects, among which the European Horizon2020 projects “PERISCOPE: Pan-European response to the impacts of covid-19 and future pandemics and epidemics (2020-2023)” and “FIN-TECH: Financial supervision and Technological compliance" (2019-2021). Research fellow at the Bank for International Settlements and at the University College London center for Blockchain technologies. Expert at the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA). Expert at the Italian ministry of development for the National AI strategy. Member of the Academic Advisory Body of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). Member of the steering committee of the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) and of the Association of Italian Financial Risk Managers (AIFIRM).

Conferenze edizioni passate

Edizione 2019
Data Conferenza
26-06-2019 alle 09:15 Parallela L - Cyber e conduct rysk
Edizione 2020
Data Conferenza
22-09-2020 alle 09:30 Sessione Parallela 3.3 - Rischi operativi: nuove tecnologie, rischi cibernetici ed esternalizzazioni
Edizione 2021
Data Conferenza
23-06-2021 alle 09:30 Parallela 3.3 - I rischi operativi della banca digital