Intesa Sanpaolo Responsabile Operational, Technology and Information Risk Management

I am the Group Head of Operational Technology & Information Risk at Intesa Sanpaolo and I cover the broad non-financial risks area, directly or through strict cooperation with other Group functions (Compliance & AML, Cybersecurity, IT Dept). I approached the operational risks in 2000, within Unicredit'sGroup Risk Management, after a brief experience in the Market Risk. Since joining Banca Intesa, in 2002, I was involved in operational risk management, contributing to set up the governance framework and information gathering processes and being active in national and international working groups aimed at defining the best practice. Since 2007, for two years, I was responsible of the Unit in charge of implementing and monitoring the framework throughout the whole Group, cooperating with our Italian and foreign subsidiaries. Since 2009, for six years, I led the ORM System Development and Management Unit, actively contributing to the validation path of the internal model and further developing my project management skills. Since 2015, I took the responsibility of the whole area, including IT cyber, third party and data quality risks. I often interact with Supervisors and am often involved in Group strategic projects. I have a degree in Managerial Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and keep collaborating with such University, teaching at the Master in Financial Risk Management.

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22-06-2022 alle 14:00 Sessione Parallela 5.3 - RISCHI OPERATIVI E CLIMATE CHANGE

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